Carolyn Wiger Bio, Age, Height, Survivor 44, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, and Husband

Carolyn Wiger Bio, Wiki

Carolyn Wiger is an American TV Personality and drug counselor from,  Hugo, Minnesota in the United States making an appearance on the 44th season of the Survivor Series. This show premiered on the 1st of March 2023 on CBS. The contestants are competing for a $1 Million Prize.

Carolyn Wiger Age

Wiger is 36 years old as of 2023. she was born on January 9, 1987, in North St. Paul, Minnesota, in the United States

Carolyn Wiger Height

Wiger stands at a height of  5 feet 7 inches and weighs around 70kgs.

Carolyn Wiger Education

Wiger went to the North High School at North St. Paul in Minnesota. She received a Community Leadership and Development degree in 2008 from Metro State University. Sheb also studied Chemical Dependency Counselling at Century College.

Carolyn Wiger photo
Carolyn Wiger photo

Carolyn Wiger Career

Wiger is a little bit loud, open, and Passionate contestant of Survivor 44 which began on 1st March 2023.  She also serves as  a Drug Counselor. Carolyn states that she wants to be part of a Survivor because Survivor is so much more than a game to her.  She wants to share her story, to bring hope, addiction looks different for everybody and recovery does too. It’s the human interactions, the growth, and the fun! Of course, she wants to be a part of that. Overcoming her addiction and learning how to forgive, love, and accept herself has prepared her for the game. Active addiction is mental and emotional torture and it took her years to realize her mistakes don’t define her.

Moreover, she has worked hard to become the person she is proud of and she knows this game will break her down but she is strong, resilient, and most importantly, she believes in herself. Additionally, Carolyn badly wants to be as strategic as Kelly Wentworth and as cutthroat as Parvati. But that is not happening because she is way more than Noura. It has been her dream to play this game herself and Maryanne is proof it can be done. She wants to have fun like Tiffany, be lovable like Maryanne, and be free-spirited and spontaneous like Noura.

Carolyn Wiger Alliance Husband

Carolyn values authentic connections and interactions with an alliance partner. Her alliances will go deeper than strategy because her bonds will be real. In addition to that, Wiger’s alliance goal would be something like the beautiful bond between Shan and Liana, or the partnership of Christian and Gabby (pre-merge though). In her leisure time, she loves rescuing bunnies, gardening,  and ice skating. Aside from that, she hates People who make fun of what is different from them or what they don’t understand and gel polish that chips quickly. Moreover, she also hates when people ask her if she is sick and if she is not wearing makeup.

Additionally, she is proud of staying sober for the last 13 years and raising her son in recovery. One would not know that she eats so much candy from looking at her and it is ridiculous. She has had three crowns because she keeps cracking her teeth from jawbreakers and atomic fireballs. She has fallen asleep eating chocolate too many times to count. Wiger states that her biggest inspiration is her mom and dad. Her mom is the most selfless person she knows. She is her rock and never hesitates to help, even when her own needs are pushed aside. On the other hand, her dad dropped out of school and joined the circus. He decided to turn his life around so he went back to school, got a law degree, and was elected into the Senate. He believed in her even when she didn’t believe in herself and pushed her to do better no matter what her past looked like. Furthermore, Carolyn believes she will be the sole survivor because her authentic connections will win her the game.

Carolyn Wiger Survivor 44

Wiger is among the contestants of Survivor 44, the 44th season of this series. The show is hosted by Jeff Probst. and recorded on Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. Here, she is competing for the $1 Million Prize. The contestants aged between 20 and 46 are separated into three tribes of six in duration for the 26-day game. In the show, she casts alongside;

  1. Bruce Perreault
  2. Maddy Pomilla
  3. Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho
  4. Matt Blankinship
  5. Brandon Cottom
  6. Kane Fritzler
  7. Carson Garrett
  8. Matthew Grinstead-Mayle
  9. Lauren Harpe
  10. Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

Carolyn Wiger Net Worth

In Wiger’s career as a drug counselor, she has been able to accumulate a net worth ranging between $1 Million and $3 Million.

Carolyn Wiger Salary

She receives annual earnings that range between $35,000 and $100,000.

Carolyn Wiger Parents and Siblings

Wiger is the daughter of Chuck Wiger and Christine Wiger. Her parents have been her greatest inspiration. Her father dropped out of school and eventually attended law school to become a Minnesota Senate hence rebuilding his life. She has a sister who served in the army and was also recruited for the Iraq expedition when she was in high school.

Carolyn Wiger Husband/ Spouse

Wiger is married to her beloved husband called Mike Boche. They got engaged on March 8, 2014, and tied the knot in October 2018.

Carolyn Wiger Kids

Wiger is blessed with a 9-year-old son named Luca. She remembered during an interview with Parade how Luca motivated her before joining Survivor 44, “Mom, you better win immunity, or you’re not coming home. Just remember, it’s okay if you cry. You don’t have to apologize for how you feel,” he said.

Carolyn Wiger Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

She is vocal on her social media accounts where she posts frequently. On her Twitter account,  she has about 4k followers, and about 3k followers on her Instagram account.