Dolph Lundgren (Actor)Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, and Wife

Dolph Lundgren Bio, Wiki

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish Award-Winning Actor, Martial Artist, and Filmmaker who has starred in a ton of movies including Aquaman, Minions: The Rise of Gru, and Universal Soldier. He also starred in Red Scorpion, The Punisher, Cover Up, Castle Falls, and Command Performance.

Dolph Lundgren Age

Lundgren was born on November 3, 1957, in Spånga, a community in Stockholm, Sweden. He is therefore 66 years old as of 2023 and celebrates his birthday every year on November 3rd.

Dolph Lundgren Height

Lundgren stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches tall.

Dolph Lundgren Education/Degrees

Lundgren lived in the USA for several years on academic scholarships after he graduated from high school in the 1970s. He went to Clemson University and Washington State University where he studied chemical engineering. After his time at the two universities, he worked in the Swedish Coastal Artillery at the Coastal Ranger School for one year. He joined the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm in the late 1970s where he attained his degree in chemical engineering. He later joined the University of Sydney where he attained his master’s degree in chemical engineering. In 1983, he received the Fulbright Scholarship at MIT.

Dolph Lundgren Photo

Dolph Lundgren Career

He was hired as a bodyguard by Grace Jones after she spotted him in a nightclub in Sydney. He moved to New York City, USA with Jones and soon after started his modeling career at the Zoli Agency. However, he did not work as a model for long since he was way too masculine and too tall for a model’s size 40. After leaving Zoli Agency, he focused on his career as a bouncer working alongside Chazz Palminteri at the Manhattan nightclub The Limelight.

Dolph started his acting and filmmaking career in 1985 by appearing in A View to a Kill as Venz, a KGB henchman. In 1985, he sent his pictures and videos to Sylvester Stallone after Dolph heard that Sylvester Stallone was looking for an imposing fighter to play Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. However, he did not get the part because he was too tall for the role.

He released Maximum Potential in 1987 as well as appeared on Masters of the Universe in the lead role of He-Man. However, the film received backlash for being too violent and too wooden for a family picture since Dolph weighed 248 pounds (112 kg) at the time they were filming. The film was disbanded as “a glossy fantasy starring monosyllabic Dolph Lundgren”.

In 1998, he appeared on Blackjack and took the role of former United States Marshal. In this film, he starred alongside Kate Vernon, Phillip MacKenzie, Kam Heskin, Andrew Jackson, Saul Rubinek, Albert Schultz, and Fred Williamson. He also starred in his own films, The Defender in 2004, The Mechanik in 2005, Missionary Man in 2007, Command Performance in 2009, Icarus in 2010, Castle Falls in 2021, and Wanted Man in 2023.

Dolph Lundgren Net Worth

In Dolph’s career as an Actor, Martial Artist, and Filmmaker, he has been able to accumulate a net worth ranging between $18 Million.

Dolph Lundgren Parents and Siblings

Dolph was born and raised by Karl Hugo Johan Lundgren and Sigrid Birgitta. His mother, Sigrid was born in 1932 and died in 1992 and worked as a language teacher at the time of her life. His father, Karl Hugo Johan Lundgren was born in 1923 and died in 2000 and worked for the Swedish government serving as an engineer (M.Sc.) and economist. Growing up, he was raised alongside his two sisters, Annika and Katrina as well as a younger brother Johan.

However, Dolph publicized that his father was abusive and would often take out his anger and frustrations on Dolph’s mother and siblings. This motivated Dolph to work extra hard and smart to prove himself and that his troubled relationship with his father did not stop him from loving his father.

Dolph Lundgren Wife/ Spouse(s)

Dolph was in a romantic relationship with Jamaican singer Grace Jones and model Paula Barbieri. Lundgren met Grace when he was working in a nightclub in Sydney, Australia. The two moved to New York, USA together after Jones hired Dolph as her bodyguard.

Dolph Lundgren Marriage to Anette Qviberg

Dolph got married to Anette Qviberg in 1994. Anette Qviberg is a well-known fashion stylist and jewelry designer based in Marbella, southern Spain. Anette celebrates her birthday every year on October 21. On October 21, Ida Lundgren shared photos of her mother on her Instagram Account wishing her mother a happy birthday.

In May 2009, Anette was attacked by three masked burglars who broke into their Marbella home and tied up Anette. However, the burglars saw a family picture of Dolph and fled after realizing that the house belonged to Dolph. After this incident, Ida, their oldest daughter suffered from PTSD while Anette was left traumatized. Anette and Dolph divorced in 2011 and the reasons behind their divorce are not known to date.

Dolph Lundgre Current Wife

Right after Anette and Dolph’s divorce was finalized, Dolph started dating Jenny Sanderson but broke up in 2017. In June 2020, he got engaged to Emma Krokdal, a Norwegian personal trainer who is 38 years younger than Dolph. The couple tied the knot on July 13, 2023, at their villa in Mykonos, Greece.

Dolph Lundgren Kids/Daughters

Anette and Dolph have two adult daughters, Greta Eveline Lundgren and Ida Sigrid Lundgren. Greta was born in 2001 while Ida was born on April 29th, 1996. Both their daughters were born in Stockholm, Sweden, and were raised outside Hollywood since they wanted their daughters to live normal lives as kids.

Dolph Lundgren Kidney Cancer

In 2015, Dolph was diagnosed with kidney cancer and has battled the disease since then. He publicized this sad news during an interview with In Depth With Graham Bensinger. He further added that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer after his doctors found a cancerous tumor in his kidney. Dolph also added that he started his treatment immediately after the diagnosis and that he started off with scans every six months.

Dolph was doing well for five years straight till 2020 when he went in for a check-up after he had acid reflux and it was confirmed that he had a few more tumors. He then had surgery to remove the tumors and discovered more had been found. He later had to undergo more chemotherapy which caused him to lose weight and also affected his work since he had difficulties while filming The Lost Kingdom The Expendables 4 and Aquaman.

Dolph Lundgren Judo and Gōjū-ryū

Growing up, he always wanted to become a rock star and even showed a keen interest in drumming. Dolph took judo and Gōjū-ryū when he was seven years old and later on took Kyokushin karate when he was 10 years old. During his teenage years, he lifted weights and was very active at the gym and fitness. He honed his skills in karate by spending 5 years training in the dojo. In the late 1970s, he earned the black belt in Kyokushin and also captained the Swedish Kyokushin karate team. In 1980 and 1981, he won the European championships as well as a full-contact karate tournament in Australia.

Dolph Lundgren: Masters of the Universe

Dolph appeared on Masters of the Universe in the lead role of He-Man. However, the film received backlash for being too violent and too wooden for a family picture since Dolph weighed 248 pounds (112 kg) at the time they were filming. In addition to that, the film was disbanded as “a glossy fantasy starring monosyllabic Dolph Lundgren”.

Dolph Lundgren: Red Scorpion

In 1988, he appeared on Red Scorpion as Lieutenant Nikolai Petrovitch Rachenko. Lieutenant Nikolai Petrovitch Rachenko is a Soviet Spetsnaz operative who is sent to an African country where Czechoslovakian, Soviet, and Cuban forces are working together to help the government fight an anti-communist rebel movement. Dolph starred other actors including Al White, M. Emmet Walsh, T. P. McKenna, and Carmen Argenziano.

Dolph Lundgren: The Punisher

In 1989, Dolph starred in The Punisher as Marvel Comics character Frank Castle. Frank Castle is a former U.S. Marine and undercover police detective whose two daughters and wife, Julie were murdered by a Mafia car bomb intended for Frank Castle. He co-starred Nancy Everhard, Barry Otto, Kim Miyori, and Jeroen Krabbé.

Dolph Lundgren: I Come in Peace

Dolph starred in I Come in Peace (also known as Dark Angel) in 1990 as Detective Jack Caine. Detective Jack Caine is a Houston Police Officer whose main goal is to wipe out a gang of white-collar drug dealers, White Boys who murdered his partner when he was stopping a convenience store burglary. In this film, he starred alongside Brian Benben, Betsy Brantley, Matthias Hues, Jay Bilas, Jim Haynie, and David Ackroyd.

Dolph Lundgren: Cover Up

He starred in the American-British-Israeli action movie, Cover Up in 1991 alongside Louis Gossett Jr., John Finn, Lisa Berkley, and John Saint Ryan. In this movie, he takes the role of a US Marine veteran who finds his own life in shambles after he comes across a political cover-up.

Dolph Lundgren: Universal Soldier

In 1992 Dolph starred in the film, Universal Soldier which was directed by Roland Emmerich, and took the role of Andrew Scott. The film revolves around Luc Deveraux, a former U.S. Army soldier who died in the 1969, Vietnam War.

Dolph Lundgren: Aquaman

Dolph appeared in the American superhero film, Aquaman and took the role of King Nereus. In this role, he was the king of the Atlantean tribe of Xebel and the father of Mera. In this film, he starred alongside Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, and Ludi Lin. The film revolves around Arthur Curry / Aquaman, a member of the Justice League, half-human and half-Atlantean who falls in love with Mera, The princess of Xebel.

Dolph Lundgren Rocky IV

Dolph appeared in the American sports drama film Rocky IV taking the role of Captain Ivan Drago, a Soviet Army infantry captain and the Soviets’ prize Champion boxer “The Siberian Express.” In this film, he starred alongside Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, and Carl Weathers.

Dolph Lundgren (Minions: The Rise of Gru)

In 2022, Dolph appeared in the American animated comedy film, Minions: The Rise of Gru. In this animated comedy film, Dolph took the role of Svengeance, a roller skater and a representative of the Vicious 6. He also co-starred alongside Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, Pierre Coffin, Taraji P. Henson, Julie Andrews, and Lucy Lawless.

Are Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren friends?

Dolph publicized that he and Sylvester are good friends despite their heated argument that happened while on the set of ‘The Expendables’. He shared this information during an interview with In Depth With Graham Bensinger.

Dolph Lundgren House

Dolph has several houses and villas all across Europe and the USA including a villa in Mykonos, Greece, and a luxurious mansion in Marbella, southern Spain. On July 13, 2023, he got married to Emma Krokdal at his villa in Mykonos, Greece. In September 2020, Dolph sold his Los Angeles six-bathroom, four-bedroom house at $4.25 million. The house was designed by Moshe Sarid and consists of 5,230 square feet. Some of the features in the house include stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinetry, and a large center island.

Dolph Lundgre and Grace Jones/Son

Dolph was in a romantic relationship with Jamaican singer Grace Jones. Lundgren met Dolph when he was working in a nightclub in Sydney at a nightclub. The two moved to New York, USA together after Jones hired Dolph as her bodyguard. However, the two don’t have any children together.

Ida Lundgren Clothing Line

Ida is also the owner and CEO of Ida Ayú Clothing, a clothing line based in Marbella, Spain. The clothing line specializes in selling beach accessories and outfits. The clothing line officially started in May 2017.

Dolph Lundgren Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Dolph is vocal on her social media accounts where he posts frequently. On his Twitter account, he has about 7489 followers, around 6.8M followers on her Facebook page, and about 3.1M followers on his Instagram account.