Chelsea DeBoer Bio, Age, Height, Down Home Fab HGTV, House, Teen Mom 2, Net Worth, Parents, and Husband

Chelsea DeBoer Bio, Wiki

Chelsea DeBoer is an American television personality, actress, social media influencer, and co-founder of Aubrey says. She is well known for appearing in reality shows such as Down Home Fab on HGTV and Teen Mom 2. She is also set to appear in Battle on the Mountain which which will air in 2024.

Chelsea DeBoer Age

DeBoer was born in Vermillion, South Dakota, United States on 29th August 1991. She is 32 years old as of 2024 and she celebrates her birthday on August 29th every year.

Chelsea DeBoer Height/Measurements

DeBoer stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 4 inches.

Chelsea DeBoer Education

DeBoer attended Stewart High School then later got her General Education Development diploma. She later she joined a cosmetology school and finally became a beautician and got a job in a salon.

Chelsea DeBoer
Chelsea DeBoer

Chelsea DeBoer Career

DeBoer collaborated with the founder of Lauriebelles, a well known women’s boutique, called Laurie Karlson to create and design DeBoer’s clothing line under the brand, Lily & Lottie. The clothing line is a reflection of her unique style for women who appreciate trending fashion without exempting comfort. The outcome is a collection that features a variety of pieces each designed personally by DeBoer to be comfortable and also stylish.

The clothing line has a wide range of options for women of all sizes and styles. It also contains new classics such as the In The Woods Camo Hoodie, and the standards like the Distressed Hoodie and Bria Brami. Every piece she makes, is a reflection of her personal style. DeBoer also has a home deco brand called Aubree says where her priority is to design a cozy home for different families of all sizes and shapes. She owns The Chelsea Deboer Line that deals with home wallpapers with different prints each representing the South Dakota native.

Chelsea DeBoer Net Worth

Throughout her career as a television personality, actress, social media influencer, and co-founder of Aubrey says, DeBoer has been able to accumulate a net worth of around $3 Million.

Chelsea DeBoer Parents and Siblings

DeBoer was born and brought up in Vermillion, South Dakota by her parents Randy Houska and Mary Kneip. Randy was born on January 17th, 1963 and is a dentist who is committed to help Vermillion, South Dakota smile for more than 30 years. On the other hand, Mary is the founder of Heartstarters and is also an EMT-Paramedic since 1984 and has helped victims of accidents and cardiac arrest. DeBoer has three siblings; Angie Houska, Emily Houska, and Melissa Houska.

Chelsea DeBoer Husband

DeBoer is happily married to Cole DeBoer who is also a television personality and has appeared in different shows with her. Cole was born on 18th April 1988 and is 35 years old as of 2024. The couple met at a gas station and started dating soon after that. They then got engaged in 2015 after Cole asked Aubree, DeBoer’s daughter for permission.

They later got married on October 1st, 2016. The couple has three children together, and Chelsea has a daughter from her previous relationship with Adam Lind. Chelsea and Adam Lind had a rocky relationship when she gave birth to Aubree, and Adam was dealing with an addiction while Chelsea was trying to get her GED.

Chelsea DeBoer Kids

DeBoer has four children namely Aubree Skye Lind-Deboer, from a relationship, Watson DeBoer, Walker June DeBoer, and Layne DeBoer. Watson and Walker June share birthdays, as they both were born on 25th January but different years. Layne and her mother Chelsea also share birthdays as they celebrate their birthdays on 29th August every year. Aubree on the other hand, was born on 7th September 2009 and was born 5 weeks early.

Chelsea DeBoer Down Home Fab HGTV

DeBoer Chelsea and her husband Cole DeBoer experience a challenging chapter of their lives as they build and design a business and hire clients to help them as they are still raising their kids. They hire a local real estate agent to help in making or breaking their design business. The couple was thinking to change their traditional living areas and make an open concept kitchen and doing away with the dining room to make a new mudroom and pantry.

They went ahead and hired a duo of super-tall dentists who are willing to go bold. They wanted to increase their space with a modern-industrial living room and kitchen, and also a bedroom that is hotel inspired and has an open bathroom and a mega double shower.

Chelsea DeBoer Teen Mom 2

DeBoer appeared in Teen Mom 2 which aired on 11th January 2011 . In the first episode of the first season, DeBoer moves out of her father’s house with her child Aubree and tries hard so she can graduate high school. In the 2nd episode, So Much to Lose, she begins to hang out with Adam, her ex boyfriend, which surprises her friends. DeBoer informs Megan, that she is considering getting back with Adam and that she wants him to move in so that Aubree can grow up with a normal family. However, their relationship does not work and DeBoer and her friends celebrate the break up.

Chelsea DeBoer House

DeBoer’s house is worth $418,000, and is located in South Dakota. The land is 6 acres in total, and their house occupied 1,966 square feet. The house comprises of 5 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and the interior is inspire by country vibe with the kitchen having granite counters, carved-wood fittings, and stainless steel surfaces. Additionally, it has horse shelters, an automatic waterer, and a garage that has a capacity of storing three cars. They bought the house in July 2018.

Chelsea DeBoer Red Hair

In June 2023, DeBoer posted a photo and her hair color was a vibrant red with mahogany undertones and choppy layers. Her hair was initially black and therefore that was a drastic change.

Chelsea DeBoer Plastic Surgery

DeBoer loves to take care of her skin using her skincare treatments. Recently, she got micro peels and a BroadBand Light procedure to help the look of her skin. The procedure helps in getting rid of dark spots and texture that one might have because of sun damage, acne, or because of aging.

Chelsea DeBoer Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

She is vocal on her social media accounts where she posts frequently. On her Twitter account, she has about 1.6M followers, around 1.7M followers on her Facebook page, and about 6.7M followers on her Instagram account.