Matthew Cappucci Bio, Age, Height, FOX 5, Net Worth, Salary, Parents, and Wife

Matthew Cappucci Bio, Wiki

Matthew Cappucci is an American Meteorologist/Atmospheric Scientist/Author working for FOX 5 News serving the station as a Freelance Meteorologist. He has been working with this station since June 2021.

Matthew Cappucci Age

Cappucci is 25 years old as of 2022. He was born on the 25th of August 1997, in the United States. This is evidenced by a tweet he shared on his Twitter Account on the 25th of August 2018 stating that he was celebrating his 21st birthday in Nome, Alaska with a weather-themed “dark and stormy” while watching the weather channel.

Matthew Cappucci Height

He stands at an approximate height of 5 feet 7 inches.

Matthew Cappucci Education

When he got to high school, he became involved with the American Meteorological Society and delivered his first presentation in the year 2013 when he was about fifteen years old. He, later on, headed to college in the year 2015 in order to take an unconventional course by going to Harvard and creating his own atmospheric sciences major by cross-enrolling at MIT.

Matthew Cappucci Photo
Matthew Cappucci Photo

Later on, he was made a Coca-Cola scholar, a recipient of the 2015 AXA Insurance scholarship, and a Henry David Thoreau Foundation scholar. This is in addition to being named a Mike Wallace Scholarship and is grateful for the entities that made his college possible. When he was in school, he began working for The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang as a freelancer.

Matthew Cappucci Career

Cappucci works for FOX 5 DC where he serves the station as a Freelance Meteorologist. He states that he happens to be among the few people in the world who get paid to do what they love. Cappucci states that he eats, sleeps, and breathes the weather. What makes him happy is that he gets a paycheck for sharing his passion with his viewers. He has always been attracted to the weather for as long as he can remember.

Among his first words was an attempt to say the word “wind meter.” When he was at the age of 5, he got obsessed with waterspouts and ought a video camera to “Storm chase” in his neighborhood at the age of 7. When he got to third grade, he was delivering weather forecasts on the PA system at school and he hoped in front of the green screen to do weather for public access in his hometown of Plymouth, Mass. in middle school.

The year 2019 saw him graduate and head to The Post full-time. He was ecstatic to move to Washington D.C., a city he had always dreamed of calling home. Cappucci started radio forecasting on WAMU, a local NPR affiliate, and worked towards building a following. He states that working in TV is what he was aiming toward but via a roundabout route.

When he was working at The Washington Post, he began by covering the U.S. weather stories for international outlets such as DW News, CTV Canada, and BBC World News, and delivering enough live reports to cobble together a demo reel. He has also chased storms as often as he could while filming in front of tornadoes, in the heart of blizzards, and in the eye of hurricanes.

His goal while doing weather was simple: inform, educate, and inspire. He states that he believes that viewers have an affinity for learning and a natural curiosity about what is happening in the skies above their heads. Asides from this, he believes learning about the atmosphere helps connect people to the world around them and believes that education is empowering.

After joining the FOOX 5 DC team, he was an unusual hire in all regards but for him, it was an opportunity to have waited for his entire life. He states that he has never felt more at home than working at the station. Asides from this, he thanks the FOX 5  team for taking a chance on him. he has now made a name for himself as the geekiest of the weather team, and the nerd of nerds.

During his first day on-air, he featured a live tornado coverage of a twister that moved into downtown D.C. Later on, after about two months, he tracked down a tornado in Annapolis, Maryland while filming reports and covering the storm live in Annapolis for about ten hours straight. This might have been the first time a TV meteorologist on the East Coast has delivered a report from a tornado. For him, his fame on FOX 5 news started that day.

Away from living his dream at the FOX 5 News team, he also works with The Washington Post, WAMU/MyRadar. He also works on the side as an educational consultant or teaching public speaking classes. Asides from this, he continues to deliver reports to international outlets during the hurricane season.

He can also be heard regularly on KSO in Santa Rosa, California, and SiriusXM’s “Absolutely Mindy Show.”  This is a popular radio program for kids. His book “Looking Up,” was released on the 2nd of August 2022. It is to be distributed by Simon and Schuster.

Away from work, he enjoys spending his free time storm-chasing. His truck has a cage built around it in order to protect against softball-seized hail. Asides from this, he has logged more than a dozen tornadoes so far. He is also an avid traveler and spends every hour he has working through his bucket list. He states that life is short and so he wants to see and do everything. Cappucci is lucky enough to be working on a job that manages to keep him happy every day. He finishes by thanking all the viewers that take the time to view his weather forecasts.

Matthew Cappucci FOX 5

Cappucci works with FOX 5 where he works alongside his fellow anchors, reporters, and meteorologists such as;

  1. Claire Anderson
  2. Melanie Alnwick
  3. Katie Barlow
  4. Bob Barnard
  5. Nana-Sentuo Bonsu
  6. Joe Clair
  7. Sierra Fox
  8. Ayesha Khan
  9. Lindsay Watts
  10. Jacqueline Matter

Matthew Cappucci Net Worth

In Cappucci’s career as a Meteorologist/Atmospheric Scientist/Author, he has been able to accumulate a net worth ranging between $1 Million and $3 Million.

Matthew Cappucci Salary

He receives annual earnings that range between $35,000 and $100,000.

Matthew Cappucci Parents and Siblings

Cappucci posted a photo of his grandmother on the 14th of May 2022 stating that despite the weather in Arkansas being interesting, there are things that are more important than the weather. He further explained that in the month of February, they found out that their grandmother was about to face a long medical battle ahead. He, therefore, flew back to Cape Cod from South Dakota to surprise her for the weekend.

On the 2nd of December 2021 saw him post a photo with his grandfather and stated that he found that old photo and it made him smile. He states that his grandfather had suffered a few strokes back in the day and he used to enjoy “supervising” his garden. The duo would sit next to an orange tree for hours. He states that he loved it and missed it.

Cappucci posted a photo of her great aunt on the 12th of September 2021. He stated that since he was eight years old, it has always been on his bucket list to autograph someone who is 100 years or older. Matthew posted a photo of his great aunt Dot who stated that he was 100 years old. Her grandmother was excited to welcome everyone back for her 110th birthday. He states that her aunt’s lady’s force is to be reckoned with. He finishes by saying her aunt is an amazing person.

Matthew Cappucci Wife/Spouse

Cappucci manages to keep information regarding whether or not he is in marriage private. An update of his marital status will be done when available.

Matthew Cappucci Kids

Cappucci manages to keep information regarding whether he has any children away from the public. However, an update regarding his children will be done once available.

Matthew Cappucci Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

He is vocal on his social media accounts where he posts frequently. On his Twitter account, he has about 34.5K followers, around 5.6K followers on his Facebook page, and about 3.14K followers on his Instagram account.